Residential – Rako Lighting Control

This was a refurbishment of one floor of a seven storey residential dwelling.  The floor contained the master bedroom suite and was refurbished to an extremely high standard. Our main job for this project was lighting control.

We installed a 24 circuit Rako lighting system to cover the two rooms. On top of this there was a minor audio visual system.

We were able to provide some intelligent features on the lighting system. This really makes the difference between a conventional lighting installation and a ‘lighting system’.

Features such as an All off command, lighting scenes triggered by movement sensors that respond differently depending on the time of day and wireless control via the client’s iPhones or iPads all help to make the lighting in the master suite compliment their lives.

The audio visual installation was an extension to their existing Sonos system, but with the added feature of invisible plastered in Amina loudspeakers.

Project cost: – £15k


Lighting Control Enquiries?

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