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First Look At The Soundcast VG7 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

We Look At Soundcast’s Latest Offering

Here at Sound Designs we often get new technology to try out and today is no different. Chris couldn’t wait to open this one when it arrived through the door. The Soundcast VG7 is a high-end outdoor Bluetooth speaker that is rechargeable as well as portable. It boasts 360 degree sound using four 3″ speakers, one on each face of the unit that provide the mids and highs. There is also one 7″ long-throw sub-woofer at the bottom of the unit that provides the lows. All of this is well presented in an excellent looking bit of kit, I think you’ll agree!

Features And Specifications


  • Pair Two VG7 Units for TWS (TrueWireless™ Stereo) Configuration
  • Indoor and Outdoor Audio Modes
  • Weather Resistant Enclosure
  • Stream High-Def Audio via Bluetooth® (+NFC Pairing) with aptX™ and AAC
  • On-Board Track and Volume Controls
  • External Auxillary Connection
  • 4 Discretely Enclosed Speakers for Immersive 360o Sound
  • 7″ Subwoofer
  • Long Life Rechargable Battery


  • One 7″ long-throw woofer in a downward-firing configuration withhigh efficiency BL ferrite motor design for increased battery life and high-performance IMPP cone with butyl rubber surround
  • Four 3″ full-range drivers in a stereo 360º array with high
  • SPL Neodymium motor design, aluminum cones and butyl
  • rubber surrounds
  • Acoustic frequency: 55-20kHz +/-3dB


  • Subwoofer Amp – 30W RMS, Class-D
  • Stereo Amp – 15 X 2 RMS, Class-D


  • Rechargeable internal battery with external AC power supply
  • Play audio via battery or while plugged into AC power
  • DC power via optional 12VDC power adapter
  • Power bank to charge USB devices


  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.2 technology with 8 memory slots
  • NFC auto device pairing (with Bluetooth)
  • Qualcomm
  • TrueWireless™ Stereo (TWS) Circuitry
  • Bluetooth hi-def AAC and aptX™ codecs
  • Proprietary 24-bit DSP
  • Auto muting


  • Aux input 1/8″ (3.5mm) mini jack
  • AC/DC power input
  • USB charging output

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 28cm
  • Height: 48cm
  • Unit only weight: 9.5 kgs
  • Shipping weight: 11.8kgs

Our First Impressions

Our first impressions of the Soundcast VG7 are very good. We are still currently undergoing more thorough testing, but initial thoughts from all of us in the office are that it’s a fantastic bit of kit. For it’s size it’s surprisingly loud but not only that it sounds very good as well. No matter what position it is placed in it fills the room very well thanks to its 360 degree sound. Bluetooth pairing was incredibly easy and works pretty flawlessly. We still haven’t had to charge it since it came out of the box even after multiple hours of testing. We will write a more detailed update once we have finished testing but for now check out our unboxing video below.


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Speak To Me! – Google Home And Alexa

Using Google Home And Alexa To Control Your Smart Home With Control 4!

In this blog post we look at the very latest in speech recognition technology and how it can improve smart home systems such as Control 4.

Voice Control



Speech recognition and voice control is nothing new. In fact here at Sound Designs, we have experimented with various forms of it for years!

The earlier version of this was using Siri on an Apple iPhone. We have had success in controlling our office systems by simply speaking commands. Turning on the office lights being one example.

A computer running specialist software sat in between the phone and the control system interprets commands on Siri. This command is then forwarded onto the control system so that it can carryout the programmed function. This system worked and worked pretty well! However we didn’t feel it was a solution that could be rolled out to any customer systems.

It felt just a little too ‘clunky’ and basic to install on a customers Control4 system. Also with it being a little too cutting edge and DIY it would no doubt have reliability issues.  So until recently the ideas of voice controlling a smart home installation were that ‘it’s possible’ but it’s not a solution to roll out to clients homes.


I Want Voice Control In My Home

With the introduction of Google Home and Amazon Echo, voice control has suddenly sprung back to the forefront with real promise.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo


We have drivers available for both products to work with Control 4. We even have it fully operational in our office.  The speech recognition of both of these devices is light years ahead of previous voice control technology and they are beginning to introduce real intelligence and interactivity.

So far in our office we only have some basic commands operating but it has proven to be very reliable and the scope of what’s possible is huge.  So much so, that we will be trialing voice control on a customer’s system very soon.

This trial installation is quite large with a cinema room, lighting and heating control, automated curtains and blinds etc.

Google Home

Google Home

The future of this technology is very exciting!  Having such big players leading the way will mean that advancements in the technology will come thick and fast.


Sound Designs Ltd have been installing smart home systems and audio visual technology for residential and commercial clients since 2005. We are based in Northamptonshire but work all over the UK. Providing practical and high performing installations all specifically designed for each application.

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Public Address – Premiership Rugby Stadium

We have maintained the emergency public address system at the home of Northampton Saints for many years.

In 2014, we began the process of updating the system. We needed to bring it in line with expected standards of performance for a modern stadium entertainment system.

This process is on-going and is due for completion during 2015.

We have installed Community loudspeakers and new class D amplification for their South Stand. A new North stand is to be built in 2015.


Public Address Enquiries?

For any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us either through the contact page or call us on 01604 211200

Residential – Home Automation

This build had a short time limit therefore the whole project happened very quickly. Located in a beautiful part of St Albans it required the very latest in home automation technology.

This high specification home required an audio visual installation that comprised of the following:

  • Multi-room music
  • Multi-room HD video
  • Wired and WIFI Data Network
  • Video Entry
  • Automated TV lift (To hide a TV within a joinery unit)
  • Two separate surround sound systems with invisible loudspeakers
  • Telephone Distribution
  • Automated curtains
  • Automated blinds
  • LCD switchable privacy windows
  • Movie and music servers


To control all of the above aspects of the system either the in wall touch screen panels, or the client’s mobile devices could be used.

Project value – £60k


Home Automation Enquiries?

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Residential – Multi-room Audio System

This was a refurbishment project of a 4 story property in London, including a new basement dig and substantial internal alterations. Because of this our mission was to install a multi-room audio system that was as discreet as possible.

We designed, supplied and installed the following technologies:

  • Audio System
  • IRS System (Satellite, DVB, FM, DAB distribution)
  • Wired and WIFI Data Network
  • Basement Cinema
  • Video Entry
  • Intruder Alarm

The multi-room audio system installed is very minimalist with discrete loudspeakers in each room. Because the system is discrete, it’s controlled via the clients mobile devices so no remotes lying around.

Due to seamless WiFi installation the clients remained connected to the internet no matter where they are in their home.

Project Value – £25K


Multi-Room Audio Enquiries?

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Residential – Rako Lighting Control

This was a refurbishment of one floor of a seven storey residential dwelling.  The floor contained the master bedroom suite and was refurbished to an extremely high standard. Our main job for this project was lighting control.

We installed a 24 circuit Rako lighting system to cover the two rooms. On top of this there was a minor audio visual system.

We were able to provide some intelligent features on the lighting system. This really makes the difference between a conventional lighting installation and a ‘lighting system’.

Features such as an All off command, lighting scenes triggered by movement sensors that respond differently depending on the time of day and wireless control via the client’s iPhones or iPads all help to make the lighting in the master suite compliment their lives.

The audio visual installation was an extension to their existing Sonos system, but with the added feature of invisible plastered in Amina loudspeakers.

Project cost: – £15k


Lighting Control Enquiries?

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Commercial – Office Radio Data Link

We were approached by a client based in a rural area. They were suffering with slow internet speeds which were having an adverse effect to their trading. The answer to this was a radio data link.

We carried out a survey and designed a long range data link. This could serve the office with high speed internet services.

The Data Link used a high speed fibre broadband connection installed in a nearby village.  From here we were able to transmit the connection over a long range radio link approximately 1 mile to the client’s office. Consequently this resulted in an increase in internet speeds by a factor of 8.

The link was so successful that we later extended the same connection to a second property approximately 4.5miles away to carry the same fibre broadband to their second property.


Project cost: £2.5k


Data Link Enquiries?

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Commercial – Invisible Sound System

This project was for an existing client that we had installed several audio systems for. The brief was quite simple, provide a high quality, but invisible sound system for their Victorian dining hall.

Due to the requirements of this project we utilised Amina invisible loudspeakers bonded to the back of the antique oak paneling.

We hid the control and amplification equipment away in a cupboard. The only thing visible in the dining hall was a small rotary volume control.

The Amina loudspeakers provided outstandingly even coverage in what was a very acoustically challenging space.


Invisible Sound System Enquiries?

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