Speak To Me! – Google Home And Alexa

Using Google Home And Alexa To Control Your Smart Home With Control 4!

In this blog post we look at the very latest in speech recognition technology and how it can improve smart home systems such as Control 4.

Voice Control



Speech recognition and voice control is nothing new. In fact here at Sound Designs, we have experimented with various forms of it for years!

The earlier version of this was using Siri on an Apple iPhone. We have had success in controlling our office systems by simply speaking commands. Turning on the office lights being one example.

A computer running specialist software sat in between the phone and the control system interprets commands on Siri. This command is then forwarded onto the control system so that it can carryout the programmed function. This system worked and worked pretty well! However we didn’t feel it was a solution that could be rolled out to any customer systems.

It felt just a little too ‘clunky’ and basic to install on a customers Control4 system. Also with it being a little too cutting edge and DIY it would no doubt have reliability issues.  So until recently the ideas of voice controlling a smart home installation were that ‘it’s possible’ but it’s not a solution to roll out to clients homes.


I Want Voice Control In My Home

With the introduction of Google Home and Amazon Echo, voice control has suddenly sprung back to the forefront with real promise.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo


We have drivers available for both products to work with Control 4. We even have it fully operational in our office.  The speech recognition of both of these devices is light years ahead of previous voice control technology and they are beginning to introduce real intelligence and interactivity.

So far in our office we only have some basic commands operating but it has proven to be very reliable and the scope of what’s possible is huge.  So much so, that we will be trialing voice control on a customer’s system very soon.

This trial installation is quite large with a cinema room, lighting and heating control, automated curtains and blinds etc.

Google Home

Google Home

The future of this technology is very exciting!  Having such big players leading the way will mean that advancements in the technology will come thick and fast.


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